Jeannie Benton’s Ride Across America for Military and OLT June 23rd Update

Jeannie wearing her OLT Jersey! (2)

Hello everyone!  This is Jeannie from Welches, Oregon, and I want to say thank you so much for all your wonderful notes and encouragement.  It’s wonderful to see and I really, really appreciate it.

We started off on a beautiful day today, leaving from St. Helens and we trekked 75 miles today to get to Welches, Oregon.  We’re in a very nice place nestled in a valley with the mountains all around us.  Mt. Hood is absolutely gorgeous.  It was far in the distance when we started off and we got closer and closer to Mt. Hood, and we’re going to get even closer tomorrow and climbing part of it.  It was just absolutely gorgeous seeing the countryside of Oregon today.

Our morning was early, we woke up at 5:30 and breakfast was at 6.  Our stuff had to get on the trucks and we had to fill our tires with air and make sure everything was safe, and we left at 7, so we do have early mornings.  We got in about 2:30 or 3 o’clock today and had to get our luggage and get it to our spots.

We did do a lot of climbing again within the 75 miles.  We hit some construction sites and some really great views.  It was really, really wonderful.  Again we had a few SAG stops, one at 22 miles at a park, which I don’t have the name of it right now, and then we had another SAG stop at the Blue Lake Regional Park.  Both SAG stops were great.  We also took a little stop at Calamity Jane’s in a town called Sandy, Oregon, where a bunch of us had lunch; that was really fun.

The pedaling is going well, the trip is going well.  I’ve been very safe; my bike has been just riding great.  I’ve had really good strength, so I thank you for all of your prayers.  We had beautiful weather today.  I had heard that it rained several days before with really bad weather, but we came into really beautiful weather today.  We started off at about 56 degrees and worked our way into the 70s when we got here.  They had an outside pool and a lot of us went swimming in the outside pool when we got here.

Now I’m going to dinner at 5:15.  They are definitely making sure we’re well fed.  We’re all doing really well.  America By Bicycle really knows how to carry us, they’re doing a wonderful job, I want to say.  The people that I’m riding with are really, really just wonderful people.

I just want to say hello to everyone out there, and thank you for following me, thank you for pledging, thank you for all your prayers.  I love you and thank you for everything.  I’m looking forward to letting you know more tomorrow.  Have a great evening yourself and a great day.

God bless America, and God bless our troops!


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