Woman Rides over 3600 Miles Across America To Support Our Military‏-June 29th Update

Jeannie on the  Road

Jeannie on the Road

Hello everyone!  This is our 8th day.  We did 65 miles today, from Ontario, OR to Boise, ID.  We passed into Idaho today, which was really awesome, that was just shortly after we left our hotel.  We got onto Route 30 and crossed the state line into Idaho at the town of Fruitland.  It was a nice peaceful ride out, not bad at all.  Once again we saw a lot of railroad tracks, a lot of cattle and fields with lots of beautiful horses.  Our first stop was at 32 miles, a good little stop at a large Shell gas station with enough room to have our stuff off to the side.  The weather has been really hot today, started off in the 60s and now around 91.  It’s been a hot ride and we’ve had to be sure that we’re drinking a lot and that we eat enough for energy in the heat.

It’s been a really good ride today, and I have to say, breathing a real sigh of relief and a sigh of joy.  After riding 8 days solid, we will finally get a day off tomorrow, which I’m really looking forward to.   Coming into Boise, after some of the desolate areas we’ve seen, it was really interesting to start seeing the groomed lawns and the estates and the townhomes and condominiums.  Really beautiful golf courses and groomed grass, I smelled fresh-cut grass today, which I haven’t smelled since I left home.  So that’s been really, really nice.

Just before we got in to our hotel at the Courtyard Marriott in Boise, we stopped off at a little café on the side for all of us to get something to eat.  The service was extremely slow, but it was still nice to just relax and rest and visit with everybody.  I talked with different people there and gave out the OLT cards and talked to them about our troops.  I talked to some technicians that work with doctors in the hospitals around here, talked to some women who were coming in to pick up one of their moms who has had some chemotherapy for cancer who lives about an hour out.  Nice, nice people that I’m meeting along the way, genuinely interested in seeing us riding across America.  It’s all been really positive.

It’s almost 4 o’clock.  We have what we call mechanics, which is going over anything on our bicycles, checking anything out that might need to be fixed or changed.  So far I’ve really been fortunate, I just had to have a valve changed because it got bent when I was filling some air, so they changed the tube with a valve for me.  So far I haven’t had any flats, and I’m really thankful for that, very safe travel.  I’m really watching the road, really being very careful.  Today the people I was riding with were riding really, really fast, so I was kind of pushing it today.  I got a true workout today, really “hauling it,” as we would say!

I won’t be doing every day like I did today, but it’s nice to know that I’m that strong.  I was kind of riding in the lead of all the women today, was always kind of a step ahead of everybody.  There are 11 women on the trip, and all are basically pretty good riders, but most of the time I happened to be more in the front for women.  So I guess I’m riding pretty strong, which is really nice to know.

I’m thankful to all of you out there, and I hope everyone following this that you’ll rally your friends and neighbors and relatives, because by you getting the word out for people to know about Operation Life Transformed and send in pledges, it really makes a big difference.  It definitely makes my ride worthwhile.  I’m enjoying this, but it still is a lot of work, riding all the time, it definitely is wearing, but it’s very exciting.  I really do appreciate your pledges, for any of you out there who are pledging for our troops and for their wives and families.  I really want to thank you with all my heart, I really appreciate what you’re doing.  I appreciate you trusting in my abilities and pledging for what I’m doing.

I have tomorrow off, but I’ll still call in and let you know at the end of the day some of the sights I’m going to be seeing.  I’m not really sure yet, I’m going to be checking with some of the other cyclists to see what I’m going to be doing.

God bless you all, and God bless America!



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2 responses to “Woman Rides over 3600 Miles Across America To Support Our Military‏-June 29th Update

  1. Jay Brethen

    Jeannie –

    I hope you enjoy your day off today. I enjoy reading your daily journals. I am most impressed with your energy and passion.

    Thank you for keeping in touch with me personally by phone. OLT truly appreciates your desire to raise awareness and request pledges.

    Please keep your health up.


  2. Wow, you earned your day off with a 91 degree ride day. Hang in there and keep up the good work and writing.

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