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Jeannie Benton’s Ride for Military and OLT Update for July 2,2009

Jeannie wearing her OLT Jersey! (2)

Hello everyone!

It is Day 11, Thursday, July 2. We went 97 miles today, and for a while it felt like it! It was a long ride, but now that I’m in and everyone’s well, it’s a good day. We left from Mountain Home, ID and came to Twin Falls. We did some climbing, but not too bad, just a long day. We started off in 60-ish degree weather and climbed up to in the 90s; for most of the day it was pretty hot. We started off very nice and quiet; of course, we had to get up early again at 5 o’clock, breakfast at 5:30 and got the stuff on the trucks by 6. The roads are nice and quiet early in the morning, that’s one thing sweet about the morning. We saw a really pretty sunrise over the mountain and some beautiful, beautiful scenery for the first 20 miles. All the irrigation systems in the valley with the mountains all surrounding us, the irrigation systems spraying water all over with these beautiful fountain arms of water, it’s really a beautiful sight to behold. There are just acres and acres and acres of land with spraying water and mountains in the background, absolutely glorious. As we continued on, our first SAG stop was at 30 miles, which was a good time to stop. We fueled up with water and drink and some food and headed out again. For a while it was a little bit of a climb. When we hit the 60-mile mark, it was very hot by then, and next 27 miles before we came up to Lincoln was just a really long stretch. We went through a lot of cattle ranches that had some very heavy smells, as you know! It was very humid because of the irrigation systems, with the moisture and the heat and the smell, and that was a little long through there. When we got to the 87-mile mark we stopped at a Subway, and that was very welcomed with some air conditioning and a little bit of food. The last 10 miles kind of zipped right by. Tomorrow we head out to Burley, ID. It will be the short day tomorrow, only 38 miles. They said it wasn’t for any particular reason. After Burley we go to Blackfoot, which is 109 miles, and then 34, 88, 79, and 120 miles before we rest in Casper. We have some real up-and-down of short days and long days; I guess that’s just keeping us all healthy. We actually do have one person on our trip, Nick, who fell and injured his shoulder. We’re going to find out tonight what happened with him. We’re all hoping he’s going to be okay. You could be praying and thinking about Nick. Also Pam kind of went down with him, but she’s been riding today and she seems to be fine. Other than that we’re all doing well. I saw something interesting last night on Fox News with Sean Hannity. He was interviewing a Marine named Keith Zeier. He was in Iraq and was in an explosion and lost his leg. I was very inspired listening to the interview with him. They told him that he wouldn’t be able to walk, but over time he conditioned himself and recently did a fundraiser for the troops by running 139 miles. He’s also going to be running in the New York Marathon and getting pledges from people for that. I just couldn’t help thinking, while watching that, that there’s a real hero, someone who has committed his life in the Marines, had an injury and has been inspired to go forward and get stronger and use what he can use to help others. I hope that what I’m doing is inspiring all of you to think of some ways in your life that you can use your gifts and your talents to help other people. I’m sure a lot of you are already doing that. For those of you who are in the process of training or developing whatever kind of skill or service you’re offering, I just want to say that we all make a difference, every one of us, just a little bit at a time, one step at a time, one event at a time. For me, it’s just one pedal at a time through the hours of the day being on my bike. I was literally on my bike from 6 to 4, which is 10 hours, off for some breaks. We all can just inspire each other. I was thinking, listening to Sean Hannity, of all the people who are just so disgruntled with our government right now. I know that you all out there have many different opinions, whether you’re Democrat or Republican, I can say one thing, as a country we need to really be careful and making sure we support each other, and be sure we’re supporting the men and women who are going out there and risking their lives to keep us as free and as safe as they possibly can. I don’t think that anyone would be for a war, I think that would be a very demented way to look at things if everyone liked war or wanted war. But when we’re in war, and when we’re doing what we believe we need to do to be keeping our country safe and free, we need to support the people who are out there doing that for us. I was thinking about Keith and about how brave he is and what a good man he is and how awesome it is what he’s doing. We just need to remember our soldiers and remember our wounded soldiers and remember the families. That’s why I’m doing this for Operation Life Transformed, that’s my cause for this ride. I just hope that you out there will let your family members and friends and people know that they can call in and pledge, you can pledge online or by sending in a check. Please don’t think that any amount is too small, because every bit counts. It will really be good how many people you can actually help with your pledge, by training people and helping people when they’ve been wounded in our war. Thank you so much for everything that you’re doing out there. I’m just doing my small part and I’m very happy and privileged to be doing it. I just want us to take a look around and really be thinking. You may not be happy with the way the governmental things are going, and we do have a lot of difficulties ahead. Decisions are made, and whether they’re good or whether they’re not, we need to make sure we keep supporting each other towards the good, looking to do the things we can do on our part in making peace and giving love to others and making this life we have on this earth as good as we can for those around us, remembering to share our love and our time with people. I look forward to reporting to you about tomorrow, but for now I’m going to eat with my group and have our rap time to find out about tomorrow, and probably get to bed pretty early tonight. God bless all of you, take care, and thank you so much.



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