Jeannie Benton’s Ride for the Military update for July 3rd

Jeannie at the falls

Jeannie at the falls

Hello everyone!

It has been a really exciting day today, the 12th day of our trip, Friday, July 3.

We made it to Burley, ID today. About 7 miles outside of Twin Falls is a beautiful waterfall called Shoshone Falls. It is a gorgeous scenic wonder of our beautiful America. It’s actually higher than Niagra Falls, about 212 feet, which is about twice as high as Niagra Falls, although they’re not as wide. I got some beautiful pictures that I sent out for you to be able to see them. The falls go into the Snake River Canyon. It was absolutely spectacular because they had a lot of rain this past spring, which is unusual for them, so the falls are much more active right now than they would normally be. With the spray of the water, the falls are just bursting with brilliance and beautiful rainbows that ran across. They’re as pretty as a postcard! I was very excited about that. There are also the Twin Falls just a little bit down the way, which were pretty but not as pretty, because one of the falls is actually not there anymore because of an electric company there that has taken it over to use it for electricity for the people. Our total trip today turned out to be about 50 miles, even though originally it was set up for 38 miles, because they didn’t count the mileage going down into the falls for both of the routes, and then we had to climb back up again. So we did some climbing just because we went down to see the falls. Today was a gorgeous weather day. Again we started off in warm weather, in the 60s, and climbed up into the high 80s. Very low humidity, just beautiful sky with some cloud cover, enough to keep us from burning too badly.

It was a beautiful, beautiful day today. We were very, very fortunate. Coming into the town of Burley, it’s a nice little town here in Idaho. We have a nice little stay here. When we got in we had what we call a special mechanics for us to learn how to take care of the chain and gears on our bicycle, because we do have to somewhat take care of our own bikes, even though they do support us and help us with some of the major things. They do expect us to clean our bikes and take care of them and make sure we lube our chains and do the things we need to do for the trip. We had an hour session on that.

We also today had a fun little thing where we had to pick teams and have a scavenger hunt. We had to find different things along the route path today, then at dinner all our teams got to share our stories about how we found our things. Even though my team didn’t win, we had a lot of fun.

We were called the Spunky Spokes team! We had a lot of fun doing it and it was great. We’re really building a lot of camaraderie with the team as far as just having a lot of fun with everybody.

Tomorrow is what we call a jersey day. Because it’s the 4th of July, we will all be wearing our America By Bicycle shirts because they have the red, white and blue pattern. We are heading for Blackfoot tomorrow. We have 110 miles tomorrow, so it will be a very long day.

We have the possibility of hitting thunderstorms and hail into the late afternoon, so we will have to see what’s going to happen with the weather. Hopefully we will all stay safe. They gave us some information as to how to get off the road and what to do when the hail starts or if thunder and lightning start, because they can’t reach all of us at once. So we’ll have to be really careful about that.

Other than that, we’ve had a really great day again. On the road today we saw a lot of the fields of potatoes. I got to see what the potato plant looks like when it’s growing, it’s a beautiful white flowering, budding plant that you wouldn’t know was potatoes. There were fields and fields of them. When I was growing up I had a nickname from one of my mother’s friends, “Potatoes” because I loved potatoes so much. To tell you the truth, I still love potatoes! I love mashed potatoes, I love baked potatoes, I love pan-friend potatoes for breakfast. I’m definitely still a potatoes girl!

Idaho, I’m going to say I really love you. So far I’ve loved Boise, I’ve loved the area of Twin Falls, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the landscape, seeing all the irrigation wheels spraying water across the fields. It’s really been nice being in Idaho.

The numbing of my feet and hands is doing a little bit better because I found some special stretches that I have to do. Barbara Munk from our support team came to my room last night and showed me three special stretches to help my sciatic nerve going down my legs not get to me too much so I can get control of that before it takes me over with any problems down my leg and my feet. I have to make sure I do extra stretching, which does take me extra time, but I really need to do that. So I’ve been stretching in the morning. We didn’t have to get up as early this morning, which was kind of nice, but we do have to get up early, early tomorrow. Breakfast is at 5:30 and we have to load the trucks by 6. So I’ll be getting up about 4:45 tomorrow morning.

All is going well. I’m having fun with my friends and different people along the way. We all kind of ride with each other, we ride along with different people. God bless you all. Tomorrow is a very special day in celebrating the independence of our country, which is something we all need to think a little bit more about. As we see our flag, the beautiful red, white and blue, we can always be reminded of all of the people throughout history who have fought and worked and strived and believed in keeping our country free. As you all enjoy the 4th, and if you see fireworks, remember our beautiful songs like “God bless America, my home sweet home” and remember to thank all of our troops and all the people who have been involved in the military. We really need to give them great thanks and special prayers for all that they’ve done for us. God bless America!


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One response to “Jeannie Benton’s Ride for the Military update for July 3rd

  1. Jeannie and the Ride Across America-North Team, Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July and thank you for all you guys do!

    The Operation Life Transformed Staff

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