Happy Fourth of July Weekend from Jeannie Benton’s Ride Across America – July 4th 2009

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Hello everyone! 

Happy 4th of July!  I hope you’ve all had a really good day, spending it with family and friends.  Family gatherings on the 4th of July are always really nice. 

Today I had my toughest day of the trip so far, I suppose not for any one particular reason, but for a bunch of reasons.  It was 110 miles, which was a long ride for me today.  I think partly it was more difficult because I didn’t get very much sleep last night.  I went to bed a little bit too late, not really out on the town doing anything, just kind of got to bed a little bit too late and didn’t really sleep well last night.  So I was a little bit more tired this morning, which did not serve me well for the day.  I started off kind of strong, doing well riding, but we had some headwinds for maybe 20 miles or more and that was a little tiring.  I think also probably just the day after day of riding and the grind of being on a bike for this long.  Also the 4th of July is usually kind of a family time, and today it hit me more than any of the other days how much I’m missing home and missing loved ones.  I’ve often spent time at Cape Cod for the summer with my children and really enjoyed the leisure and fun of being at the beach.  I was thinking a lot about that today, as far as being with my kids and different family members and loved ones at the beginning of the summer, which has always been fun for me. 

Anyway, I think that combination just was really difficult.  The last 10 miles of the trip were really long for me.  My knees were sore and my body just really ached.  I know I sound like I’m whining because I am!  But I do have to say I made it in, and I’m really grateful.  I had a little problem with my odometer halfway through the ride today, it broke off.  I should not have been trying to fix it while I was riding my bike.  It wasn’t reading the miles and I sort of leaned down and tried to push it in a little, which is the wrong thing to do, and it broke off.  Thank goodness it didn’t break any of my spokes or anything, I was fortunate that way.  But it did break off, so the whole rest of the trip I was riding at zero mileage and zero miles per hour, so that wasn’t too much fun.  

The 4th of July is a special celebration for many.   We had a really nice barbeque dinner tonight that was delicious.  I’m not sure I’m going to make it to the fireworks.  It’s only 7:20 here and I think the fireworks are a little bit later tonight.  But I think I’m probably too tired to see them tonight.  I’ll have to save that for next year.

Tomorrow will be a short ride into Idaho Falls, which will be really nice; I’m looking forward to a shorter ride tomorrow.

Again, happy 4th of July to everyone, and I will talk with you tomorrow.  I hope you’re all enjoying this weekend with your families and loved ones.  I’m certainly getting just a tiny little taste of what it’s like for the families that are apart and are missing one another during this holiday time.  We certainly are a blessed nation.  Yes, we do have our problems, and our nation is facing a lot of issues, but the one thing we need to keep in mind is that as long as we keep loving people and we have people to love, we’re going to be okay.  That is our choice, we can choose to keep loving people, whether people love us or not.  Let’s just keep making that decision.  Things turn out okay, it all works out.

God bless all of you and have a good holiday weekend.


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One response to “Happy Fourth of July Weekend from Jeannie Benton’s Ride Across America – July 4th 2009

  1. Phil & Donna

    Hi Jeanie, We were thinking about you today and how great your doing! We pray and think about you often that you continue to be safe and healthy. Keep on.
    All the best,
    Phil and Donna

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