Jackson Wyoming Welcomes Jeannie – July 6 2009

Jeannie on the  Road

Jeannie on the Road

Well, hello out there!  All I can say is, “Wow!”  I am now in Jackson, WY.  It was quite a day today!  Leaving from Idaho Falls about 6:30 this morning, we had breakfast at 5:30, up at 5.  On the road by 6:30, got into Jackson at 3:30 this afternoon.  We started off at 6000 feet elevation and ended close to 9000 feet elevation today.  It was the biggest climb I’ve ever done in my life.  It was the most exhilarating and the most difficult thing I think I’ve ever done.  It was amazing. 

For the first 25 miles to the first SAG stop we hit quite a headwind, so even the beginning of the trip was difficult.  From that SAG stop to the next SAG stop we went approximately 20 miles.  Some headwinds, but not as bad.  We were still following the Snake River.  We turned onto Route 31, which headed us to the Teton Pass Summit.  From that spot we were at about 6700 feet elevation, and went through a major climb to get up to the Teton Pass Summit, which is close to 8500 feet.  The climb into Jackson, WY was very sweet, to say the least!  We had some headwind with climbing too, but sometimes not, so that was very helpful.

One thing that I absolutely loved while I was climbing was that my legs were working for me, that was really good!  I’m very thankful for that.  But another thing too was that the wind through the trees, the cliffs looking down with the babbling brooks and the rushing streams, were absolutely gorgeous and intoxicating.  Hearing the birds and the mountains just surrounding me was so majestic, I just have to say it was a glorious day today.  The blue sky with the puffy white clouds.  Even though it was hard going through some of the wind, it was really, really a major victory today, I have to say. 

I’m very thankful that we’re all safe on the team, everybody is making it in safely, which is always a real relief.  I still have not had a flat on my bike, which I’m extremely grateful for, especially today.  Thank you everyone for your prayers for my safety and for my health and my strength, because your prayers are really making a difference, I can’t thank you enough.

Tomorrow we go into Dubois, WY, which will be a smaller climb than today.  I’m pretty sure it’s about 83 miles; I haven’t had rap time yet but I’m pretty sure it’s 83 miles.  The next day we head into Casper, which we’ll then have a rest day, which we’re all looking forward to.

All is well.  I just want to say to all of you again, God bless you, God bless America, and I just thank the Lord.



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3 responses to “Jackson Wyoming Welcomes Jeannie – July 6 2009

  1. Dick V

    Jeannie: way to go! We’re thinking of you and wish you the best!

    Dick and Dorothy

  2. Jeannie,

    Cannot believe you can do this! You are so blessed to be able to see America this way. I am sure you will come home a different person(in a good way) after seeing our beautiful country. You are in our prayers. Love, Ed and Sharon

  3. Tracy T

    Yeah Jeannie! Awesome job –

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