Jeannie Benton’s Ride for the Military and OLT- Next stop Jackson Wyoming!

Jeanie 042

July 5th,2009

Hello everyone!

It’s Day 14, and what a lovely ride it was today, quite a bit different than yesterday. Today really made up for yesterday’s difficulties. We went from Blackfoot to Idaho Falls, only 33 miles today. It really was a cakewalk, so to speak. But they wanted us to be able to get to Idaho Falls, so here we are, and I’m really glad that we came.

The ride out was very pretty, a lot of back roads, just winding, comfortable back roads. The falls at Idaho Falls are absolutely gorgeous, wonderful to see. It’s great to be here. Once again we had fabulous weather, in the 70s and 80s. It’s really been nice and I very much appreciate that.

When we arrived, not all of the hotel rooms were ready. As I was waiting, I was sitting on the steps of the hotel just outside, and I looked down and there was this little piece of paper that was folded into an airplane. I just thought I’d share this with you, it said on the wings, “USA Rocks. If you find this, you rock too!” I thought that was pretty cool! USA does rock, and I’m proud to be an American as we celebrate the 5th of July, part of the 4th of July weekend. Also while I was outside the hotel I was waiting to be interviewed by Channel 6. I met a wonderful interviewer, Lauren, who was very, very friendly. I was very comfortable interviewing with her. I’ve never really been interviewed for television broadcast. We were outside looking out over the park over the falls, and it was a lot of fun interviewing with her. I hope the people in Idaho Falls will enjoy the information on Channel 6 that I shared about me as a rider with Operation Life Transformed. I hope you’ll listen for the information on how to go on the website and pledge for our troops and supporting them and their families. I talked a little bit about America By Bicycle, how wonderfully they are supporting us, all the information, all their careful details, all of the food and the provision during the SAGs for us; it’s been absolutely wonderful to ride with them. I’d recommend America By Bicycle to anyone. I shared a little bit about that, and my thoughts on Operation Life Transformed, what they do and how wonderful it’s been to work with them, and to see this beautiful America we live in. The interview was a lot of fun and then I had a nice team dinner with all of the 50 team members I ride with.

It’s been a really nice day. Tomorrow we head into Jackson, WY, which is about 88 miles. We will be doing a significant amount of climbing tomorrow, heading into Jackson there are going to be a lot of climbs. In fact, it will be some of the most significant climbing we’re going to be doing for the whole trip, going into the Teton Pass Summit, which is up to 8431 feet above sea level; it will be quite a climb. So I will be getting my rest tonight. I hope all is well with all of you out there.

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend. God bless you and God bless America.


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