News paper interviews and Mean truckdrivers on the road- next stop Rochester Minnesota.

Hello everyone out there on Tuesday, July 21. 

This is our Day 30 out of 50, I can’t believe we’re already up to 30.  There are only 20 more days, so I’m really savoring every day and loving every minute of this.

We traveled from Worthington to Mankato, MN today.  We did 102 miles, and we all agree that we cannot believe that it was as easy as it was today.  It was too good to be true.  We again missed the rain.  There were times when it looked like it might have rained today, but the sun broke through.  There was a time when it rained in Mankato just before a lot of us got in, but we missed that rain.  We got in and then it rained after we got in.  So we have just been so incredibly blessed, the Lord has just so taken care of us.  I’m so grateful, so grateful.

Just to say a little bit about last night, after we had our dinner, which was very good, I actually had some ribs last night, which I hardly ever eat ribs, but they were delicious, I went over with a few of my teammates and we went over to a little store to pick up some incidental things I needed to get.  One thing that’s happening with my helmet, it has these little openings in the front of it, and the sun comes through them on my forehead, and it’s giving me these little tan mark lines on the front of my forehead, which makes me look a little bit weird.  So I got a little headband to cover that over when my helmet is on so that I won’t keep getting a tan mark up there.  I took care of that and some other little things; I had to get some creams and some different stuff.  It’s fun that we can go to these little stores and pick up things that we need. 

I went swimming in the pool last night for a little while and talked to a few of my teammates, looked at some of their blogs and pictures.  Bill showed me his website and gave me his link, because he’s gotten some really good pictures on this trip.  I have an idea, OLT, that I’m going to be talking to you about for you getting more pictures, because I know I haven’t been sending my pictures.  But I have a new idea, so I’ll share that with you over the phone, so that everybody can start getting more pictures.

Today we had to get up really early.  We had breakfast at 5:30 and we got off around 6:20.  I got in by 1 o’clock today, and that was later than a lot of people.  I just really took it easy and had fun riding with some people in the beginning, then rode for a section of about 25 miles or so by myself, which was it was just a beautiful country road.  I was the only one on the road and it was just phenomenal.  We had smooth roads for the most part today.  We either had a tailwind or no wind.  For the last section I rode with Deborah, who’s just another wonderful person on the team here of America By Bicycle.  She lives in Florida.  I had a great talk with her and traveled along, and I have to say, 102 miles just went by like a flash.  We got here and this place is really nice.  We have an indoor pool here and one of the best hot tubs that we’ve had; some of the hotels don’t have them, some of them don’t have pools.  The hot tub here is really nice, at a perfect temperature, really clean, a really great place. 

We had three SAG stops today, one at 30 miles, the second at 63 miles, and the third stop was at 89 miles.  We all felt like we didn’t even need the last one, that’s how well we were all doing.  We’re all getting stronger and we’ve had just great weather conditions on our side.  We’re very, very fortunate and we know it. 

At the 63-mile mark there was an interviewer from I believe the paper of that area, which is St. James.  So we might want to be looking in the St. James area for any kind of news reporting.  I’m not sure which newspaper he was with, but he interviewed Mike Munk, who’s head of America By Bicycle, and I happened to be nearby and Mike mentioned that one of our riders was fundraising for the military, it was nice of him to mention that.  I happened to be standing right nearby, so he interviewed me, I gave him the card, so hopefully he’ll put in the paper the website for people to be able to pledge.  He took a picture of me as I was heading out.  That was another great experience.

I also wanted to thank the woman who interviewed me for the other article that was in the Argus newspaper, because she did a very nice job, she was wonderful to talk with.  I want to make sure I acknowledge her on my blog.  Her name is Bryann Becker.  She was a sweetheart and I just want to really thank her again for the interview and for the nice write-up that she put in the paper.

Today one of the staff members, Jim, had a real problem with one of the truckers who pretty much ran him off the side of the road.  We had some real close shoulders for a little section today and it was a little bit hairy for a while there with a few of the trucks going by, because there was no shoulder for us to get over, and it was a two-lane road with traffic going both ways.  It was difficult for a little while there.  It was very dangerous for him and that was a really bad experience for him.   Always our prayers for safety and everybody getting in.  Everybody got in safe today, so that’s always a real blessing, I’m really appreciative for me and for everybody on the team.  I’ve all of a sudden kind of called us a team, America By Bicycle, I really do feel like we are definitely a team together.  We are all getting along great and we’re having a lot of fun.  We realize that we’re really fortunate. 

Not to go on and on, but I just really want to thank you all and thanks for your support, thanks for your pledges and thanks for your prayers.  Thank you for just being you, because anybody who’s paying attention to this and following my blog, I just want to thank you for following me and thank you for being interested at all.  I don’t know if I said hello to Sandy and Henry Garcia, but I was thinking of you guys today, I miss you and I haven’t talked to you in a while, so I’m going to have to give you a call.  And Brenda and George Phillips, I know I mentioned you the other day, I’ve got to give you a call and chat with you, I’m missing you guys.  Just thinking of all my friends and all the people who I’ve known over the years, Sue and Bill and their family, just lots of people in my life who have blessed me and made my life such a good life.  I’m such a blessed woman with all my friends and people that I’ve known over the years, you’ve all been there for me.  Thank you so much.

For anyone out there that I don’t know you and you happen to be following this, I just pray that the Lord will bless your life and make it full and give you an abundance of joy and renew your life with new dreams and new goals and new things to look forward to, bless your family and your children and your marriage.  I’m always praying for these things as I’m going along, for all the military branches, our troops and families.  Families just really mean a lot to me and I’m really grateful to have such fabulous kids.  My kids have been texting me and keeping in touch with me and saying that they’re so proud of me.  I’m so proud of them, I really am.  They’re certainly not perfect kids, but I have to say, I’m a very blessed woman to have such great children. 

God bless you all, take care, and God bless America.


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One response to “News paper interviews and Mean truckdrivers on the road- next stop Rochester Minnesota.

  1. Diane Hart

    Jeannie, it’s a blessing to read your blog! I’m glad you and the whole team are doing well. May none of you grow weary in well-doing. I am reminded daily to pray for you and the group when I get the first Twitter of the day. I particularly like the part of the 22 July blog about new dreams, new goals, and new things to look forward to.


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