Jeannie says-Leaving Minnesota today was absolutely breathtaking. The rolling acres of farmland with the corn fields,fly fisherman at a waterfall- off to Wisconsin Dells with lots of tunnels.

Hello everyone out there!

It’s Thursday, July 23, Day 32, traveling from Rochester, MN to Lacrosse, WI. We crossed from Minnesota into Wisconsin today.

I have to say, I really thought today was rather daunting, looking at it last night. But I am very, very thrilled to tell you that today turned out a zillion times better than I expected. There were a lot of turns, there was a lot of checking the maps, and the first 34 miles to the first SAG was kind of slow for me. I didn’t really feel my best, but I was trucking along and making it. But from the SAG stop, I just picked up some real good energy. What was interesting at the SAG stop, there was a fly fisherman there at a waterfall, and I got a picture of him. Being by the waterfall at the SAG stop, plus the food I ate and somehow I just picked up the morning warm-up, also I put some more air in my tires because my bike felt a little sluggish as well as I do. With everything combined, once we left the SAG stop we had some rolling, beautiful acreage to ride on, and we were on a beautiful, beautiful bike path for about 12 or 15 miles. That was so refreshing, it was gorgeous. Leaving Minnesota today was absolutely breathtaking.

rolling hills of corn- Pic from

rolling hills of corn- Pic from

The rolling acres of farmland with the corn fields, not just typical flat out there cornfields, but rolling acres of cornfields with areas of grass or whatever it is, it’s green, and then golden wheat or whatever it was, it just made a gorgeous patchwork pattern in the landscape. Today was another gorgeous, beautiful, sunny day with some clouds in the sky, a breeze to the air, and it was absolutely breathtaking, it just took me by surprise today after the first 34 miles, how gorgeous the rest of the ride was. When we got to the bike path, it was so refreshing, it was a beautiful bike path. I tend not to like bike paths with road bikes because they’re winding and there’s a lot of debris and you have to be careful with turns and there are a lot of people on them. I really wasn’t thinking the bike path would be all that great, but it was beautiful. It was wide enough, it was plenty clean enough, had little bridges that were easy to go over, there were basically hardly any people on it. Canopies of trees, I’ve never seen anything like it. Off to the right and left of the bike path there were literal cornfield crops that were right there as you were going through the bike path. Of course there was the river, which was beautiful, so it was very refreshing for those 15 miles. We ended up at a SAG where there was a great little country store with some really healthy food, some great pastries. It was a fun stop. I actually got some cream and soap there that they make homemade in that area. We knew that we had a little bit of mileage before we were going to hit a major climb. They told us we would have a climb at the end of the day, and that’s what I was kind of dreading. I’m happy to say I did the climb really well. At the end of the climb, about a mile climb with about 10 or 12 degree grade, very difficult, I got to the top and I actually held my bike up with the cornfields in the background. It was just a real victory for me. I just really appreciate your prayers out there, I just appreciate that today the roads were fairly smooth and it was just a good ride. After leaving that climb, the rest of the trip just was awesome for me, because I knew we only had about another 22 miles. It was really, really pretty and we had some beautiful descents, going 37 or 38 mph on smooth road with no traffic, it was really a treat. I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers, I really appreciate it. Everyone came in safe, we all had a good time. We entered Wisconsin toward the end, went over the bridge over the Mississippi River, which was really beautiful, fun to do. Tomorrow we have another 91 miles to go from Lacrosse to Wisconsin Dells. The good thing about this is that there are three mountain passes that we don’t have to climb, we’re actually going to be going through tunnels. This will be a new experience for me. We have to have our flashlights and be careful with our shoes. I’m going to wear my sandaled clip-on shoes that I have from Keen, which have more rubber on the bottom of them. We’re going to go through the tunnels with our flashlights, I guess it’s a little drippy, but at least it will be cool in there, it won’t be hot. With all of our flashlights we should be safe and get through the three tunnels fine. I’m looking forward to that different experience. I guess at the end they said the last 30 miles are kind of tough, but the first 60 miles aren’t supposed to be too tough. So we are moving along. Tomorrow will be Day 33. We’re wearing our America By Bicycle jerseys so people as they see us going through the tunnels will know that we’re all together. I’m going to go have some dinner. I just want to say thank you to you all, God bless you all, and God bless America.


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One response to “Jeannie says-Leaving Minnesota today was absolutely breathtaking. The rolling acres of farmland with the corn fields,fly fisherman at a waterfall- off to Wisconsin Dells with lots of tunnels.

  1. Donna Michaelson

    Sounds so beautiful! You are an inspiration!
    Keep up the good work and I’ll continue to follow your progress! God bless you and keep you safe and in his care!

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