Jeannie Takes a Day Off With Friends: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hello everyone! I know that I didn’t call in yesterday, which is the first time I think I’ve ever done that. It wasn’t because it was a bad day, it’s just that at the end of the day, I can tell you what happened. It was Day 35 yesterday, July 26. We only had to go 57 miles, from Fond du Lac to Manitowoc, WI. I was asked to load the truck last so that my luggage would be able to come out first because I was expecting to get into Manitowoc by around 12, earlier than most people, and also I was expecting to be able to get my luggage off the truck earlier than most people, which I had worked out with our leadership people with America By Bicycle. This was because I was meeting my good friends Madonna and Harry Sydney, for them to take me to their house. As you can tell, that’s a lot of should’ve, could’ve, would’ve! But it didn’t turn out that way. I did load last. My little cage for my water bottle was loose, so that had to be tightened, so that made me leave any a little bit later. Once I got going, it was a nice start, beautiful out. I started realizing I was riding really strong, I just kind of pulled out and was riding by myself and doing really great. I was riding along at a great pace with some friends on the team, but I could tell that my tires were low on air. So the first time I saw one of our vans on the side, I stopped and filled my tires with air. That always loses momentum a little, but I needed to do it because my ride wasn’t smooth without my tires at the right PSI. So I got those filled and got going on my way and caught up to them and kind of passed them and went on. I did a lot of passing of people and stopping, passing people and stopping, that’s how my day turned out. Because when I got going again, we had some headwinds, which were a little bit difficult for a good half of the say, some real strong headwinds, in fact. It made the ride a little longer and a little bit more difficult than what any of us expected. But also my tire just wasn’t feeling right in the back. So I stopped again to see what it might be. Barbara couldn’t really see anything that was wrong. She kind of pulled my brake pads out a little bit and said that maybe my back tire was not completely true as far as being round, maybe that’s what it was. So I got on my bike since there didn’t seem to be anything major wrong, but it still just kept feeling like my back tire was just off, I can’t describe it. So I still was riding really strong and riding really fast and caught up to other people again and passed them and kept going again. Again, I hit headwinds, so it took longer. I was kind of riding with some people, and just before we got to the SAG stop I was following some really wonderful people, Wayne and Kathy, and they kind of went off the wrong way, which I didn’t notice. We only went two miles out of our way, but still we did go out of our way. I got to the SAG stop, which was only at the 30-mile mark, so I figured, okay, only 27 more miles to go, that’s not bad. Once I got going from the SAG stop, there was a section I was going through towards the end and I hit a huge downpour of rain for about 10 or 15 minutes. That doesn’t sound very long, but it was just a huge downpour. Of course I had to stop and put on my rain jacket, even though it really didn’t help too much. I rode really slow, and as I came in it started to clear up. So needless to say, the 57 miles turned out to be a long ride for me yesterday, so my friends had to wait a while for me. When I got in, because I was soaked, I decided since by then the truck was already there, I could already go into my room, I didn’t get there early at all. I showered really quickly and off we went. I took a bag that I could sort through my stuff. We have what we called our pink ribbon bag, which is a bag that we put in the truck for eight to nine days and don’t get again until a rest day. It’s stuff that we kind of need, like maybe extra vitamins, things like that. So I got my bags and off we went to Madonna and Harry’s place, and I had a fabulous time. They had a cookout for me, we talked about the trip, we talked about what they’ve been doing. I got to see their kids, and Madonna’s parents, which was really, really great. I didn’t get to see Doug, I missed seeing Doug but he wasn’t available. It was just a great visit, great to see everybody. She helped me get my laundry done, she actually trimmed my hair, because she’s also a beautician, and we also went to Coldstone Creamery and got some lovely ice cream, which I love! I sorted through all my luggage and pulled out stuff that I really don’t need anymore so Madonna could ship it back for me, which was great, that was a big help. Thank you all so much for everything you did for me, I can’t thank you enough. It was so great to have a touch of home life, being in a house in a neighborhood with family whom I’ve vacationed with a lot in the past. It was great to see all you kids who have grown so much, so great to hear how well you’re all doing, it was just really, really special. I didn’t get back to my hotel until about 12:30 and got to bed. Then I got up this morning, had a nice breakfast and prepared to get ready to go from Manitowoc to Luddington, MI across Lake Michigan on the S. S. Badger. We had to all get together over by the ferry by noon. Since this was a rest day, I really try on a rest day to get a massage, which this morning I did have one, which is really helpful for me. I was really glad I was able to fit that in. We only had to cycle for about three miles to get over to the S.S. Badger and put all of our bikes on the boat. It was really big and really fun. We were on it for four hours. We changed time zones, so I’m now on East Coast time zone, which is really cool. There were choices of games and choices of a movie. I had got my iPod from my girls and boys who made a shuffle music selection for me, which I absolutely love, so I got to listen to my music. Thank you, kids! I was able to talk to different friends on the team who were on the ship. I actually met a couple who are riding across America as a tandem. They were wonderful to meet. A funny little story, which I won’t get into the details, just for me to remember and for the fun of it, he had a hole in the back of his pants. I’m just going to leave it at that, a funny little story about that. I hope they have a good rest of their trip across America. They’re heading over to New Hampshire as well and up into Maine. They were really interesting people, and they’re all self-supported, so their tandem bike was really amazingly packed. For them to be doing that is just awesome. When we got off, we stopped off at these little places along the way, a bunch of us got sandwiches and salad and had some dinner. I just got into the motel here and we’re looking forward to our day tomorrow. We have a 113 miles to go tomorrow on Day 37, Tuesday, July 28, going from Luddington to Mt. Pleasant, MI. Now I’ve noticed when I think a day is going to difficult with mileage, I’m usually wrong. When I think a day is going to be easy with mileage, I’m usually wrong. So I’ve decided to not even say what I think! I just hope the day will go well. I hope we don’t have any downpours of rain, hope that we’re all safe as we get in. I just hope that I can ride well and enjoy all the blessings that there are on this ride. Now that it’s really getting down to only 14 days left until we’ll be in Portsmouth, NH, that just doesn’t sound like very long and I’m already getting sad that this will be over before I know it. So I’m just going to relish and take in each day, the blessing that it is. The people who are on this ride are just wonderful, I really love talking with every one of them whenever we have a chance to talk. It’s a great team of people, great staff, just an amazing experience. So far I’m just really thankful that I’m still really healthy and things are going well. I actually ordered a long-sleeve shirt that’s supposed to be sort of a sunscreen shirt that has sailboats and an ocean design on it, which I really love. It just came in today and so I’ll be able to start wearing that. I got some new navy blue shorts, so hopefully they’ll be comfortable too, I’m going to try them out tomorrow on my ride. Hopefully I can get less sun on my arms, because I’m definitely getting a lot of sun. I’ve been putting on 50 block, but I definitely have a lot of sun on me. I want to try to keep that down a little bit, so hopefully the shirt will help. I hope you’re all doing well out there. I can’t believe July is almost over, we still have the month of August, so that’s all good. Blessings to all of you out there, hope everyone is fine. Thank you, Jay Vance, for taking care of all this for me. Hello to OLT and hope things are going well with people pledging and following me online. Thank you everyone, I have read some of your messages and it’s just encouraging to see you be so encouraging to me. Thank you for all of you really believing in me and being so prayerful for me. I have been safe and I’m very grateful for my health and my strength and my ability to do this. I look forward to tomorrow. This has been a great little reprieve, to be with my friends, and also to go on the S.S. Badger, it was great to go on a ferry. I love going on boats, I love the water, love being out in that wind and fresh air. It’s one of the things I like about cycling, but I love boating. It’s just a real treat to be where I am and doing what I’m doing. God bless all of you, and God bless America. We do have a beautiful America. Men and women out there who are fighting for us and sacrificing your lives, we all just say God bless you and thank you so much. Families, just hang in there and keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you for all that you do to sacrifice for us.


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