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Military to Medicine — Healthcare Workforce at the Ready


Military to Medicine — Healthcare Workforce at the Ready
May 14th, 2010, by Claire

I introduced you all to this group when it first started and was under another name. I also wrote about my friend who helped to get it started, Colleen Saffron. They are still going strong and have grown. Here’s some information about what they offer. Go and check it out and see if you qualify!


A portable career. A vital mission. A network to make transitions at ease.
There are more than 650,000 military spouses of active duty members stationed in the U.S. Nearly 80 percent of these spouses want a career, but frequent military relocations make it difficult. Military to Medicine offers state-of-the-art career preparation and assessment, to help you start a career in healthcare that can move with you.

•Whether you have a medical background or are looking for a new career and need training, we have a pathway for you.
•For those who already have healthcare experience, Military to Medicine will provide access to a network of healthcare employers across the nation.
•With the training opportunities and talent exchange made possible by Military to Medicine, developing and growing a career in healthcare is more accessible than ever before.
Why Choose a Healthcare Career

Military to Medicine will supply career-specific, technical healthcare training at no or little cost to you. This extended military family talent pool will provide our nationwide talent exchange employer network with reliable, workforce-ready candidates, answering the healthcare job shortage while providing meaningful, portable careers to our military families. Visit the Training and Education section to learn more about our program and who is eligible.

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